Super Type
Category: Super type  Publish Time: 2011-11-19 21:17 
Fully imported raw material, more than 36 months outdoor durability, very very good color, very good smell, for a few very high-demanding customers

Compatible Printheads and Printers:


Compatible Printheads

Compatible Printers



Xaar 128/80pl

All the solvent  printers with these printheads, all the Chinese solvent printers.

4 or 6 colors

Sup 128B

Xaar 128/40pl

Sup 126A

Xaar 126/80,50pl

Sup 126B

Xaar 126/80,50pl

Sup 126C

Xaar 126/35pl

Sup 382

Xaar 382(proton)/35pl

Sup 500

Xaar 500/40pl

Sup 256

Spectra SL-128, Nova PH256/80

Sup 256S

Spectra Skywalker 128

Sup 256P

Spectra Polaris/35/15pl

Sup 512

Konica km512/256, 42/35/14pl

Sup 510

Seiko spt1020/510/255, 35pl

Cleaning solution

For all the above printheads

For all the above printers



Substrate Compatibility:

substrate range includes different types of PVC self-adhesive foils (monomer, polymer, and cast foils) as well as PVC coated substrates like banner and tarpaulin materials, coated and uncoated textiles, and suitable papers.



Superb imported raw material

More than 36 months outdoor durability, superior to OEM inks

Smaller pigment particle size

Wide color gamut and high color density

Low-odor, more environmently friendly

Fast drying

Enhanced formulation to prolong printhead life

Proven reliability and consistency in product quality

Normally for very high demanding customers

86ink ink quality warranty